April 07, 2003 - 16:33
The GDI still uses its brute force and air armada as an advantage in the battle. It will gain several units to become even better in battle. Take a look at some of its new units:

Note: some names mentioned in the site as still beta and might be changed in the final version (aka missile trooper and some others):

    Energy Commando: Energy Commando is the best GDI infantry around. It uses an energy ball blaster. When the energy ball hits the floor, it does a huge explosion doing a strong damage at all units in a huge area. The damage is even stronger against other infantry. This unit is very well armoured, but moves slowly in the battle field and is quite expensive.

    Missile Trooper: The Missile Trooper fires a strong and medium ranged missile at the ground that affects a huge area being extremely dangerous at groups of infantry and also hurting buildings and vehicles. This unit is not expensive, however, it's not hard to be killed.

    SonicHawk: The Sonichawk from Tiberian Rage is available for GDI commanders from PPM (with the aproval of Tiberian Rage´s owner: TS). It´s a strong and slow aircraft capable of release the Disrupotor´s sonic at it´s target. In PPM, the unit has a limited ammount of sonics which makes it release 3 sonics before recharging.

    Dropship: The Dropship was an aircraft constantly used by the special forces from the Global Defence Initiative to carry units around. Philadelphia has recently allowed common commanders to use a cheaper version (but still very expensive) of it which is able to carry 20 infantry. It´s produced in the Warfactory and it´s hard to be killed, but it´s not a fast vehicle.

April 07, 2003 - 16:40
Nod has a strong infantry and the best defense of the battlefield. The current reinforcements also give them more brute force and airforce and obviously, a better defense and infantry. Here are some of the new units:

    Scorpion Sniper: The Scorpion Sniper is one of the best units of the game against infantry. It has a very long range and only damage non-armoured units. The bullet is so advanced that contains poison inside it which kills the enemy instantaneously.

    Chem Warrior: These warriors are surely dangerous everywhere. They have a chemical spray which is capable of easily killing infantry and turning them into baby visceroids. These baby-visceroid may merge with other baby-visceroids causing a hell in the enemy base, but they become uncontrolable. The chem warrior is more effective than FlameThrower Infantry against vehicles and concrete buildings and are also very efficient against wood.

    Laser Tank: Laser tank is one of the most dangerous and expensive units from the whole game. It's laser is very strong against any kind of target having the same efficience against every armour and being 100% acurate. To compensate such a feature, it has a weak armour and it doesnt have a very high strength, however, not very low.

    Phantom: Phantom is the devastation aircraft from the Brotherhood. It drops huge plasma balls that does a high damage in land units and in the terrain. Phantom is slow, but a bit hard to be killed. It´s has a similar price to Orca Bomber.

April 07, 2003 - 16:43
TDL has the best armoured units, but the worse overall technology. Due to its low technology, most of units are quite cheap making of it a competitive side. Here are some of units that they'll have:

    Sargeant: This is one of the most dangerous and dinamic TDL infantry. He holds 2 weapons. The first one is a an improved vulcan capable of doing heavy damage on infantry, vehicles and wood buildings at a slightly high range like Boris (YR) weapon. The second is a rocket launcher that exclusively used against aircrafts and very efficient as usual, but takes a long time to reload it. The Sargeant is a mutant and is capable of healing in tiberium. He should have a cost of about $1200.

    Tiberian Beast: The Tiberian Beast is the nightmare of any of us. TDL uses this unit to cause havoc in any place. Costs about $1800, it bites enemy soldiers, vehicles and structures (Also bites landed aircrafts and ships in the coast). The range is the same of Repair Vehicle, but the bite is very strong. The monster is slow, but it`s strenght is very high...about 500.

    SSM Launcher: The SSM Launcher is back to the world of Command & Conquer, but this time, owned by the Tiberian Defense League. It's surface to surface missile are really good at non-concrete targets. It's efficient and accurate, however, it takes a long time to be armed and it's damage radius is low. It has a medium costs and slow speed, however, faster and stronger than it was in Tiberian Dawn.

    High Visions: The High Visions is one of the fastest unit of the game and it´s a cheap aircraft capable of viewing far objects. Due to the high ammount of fuel that it carries to travel long distances, when it´s destroyed, it explodes causing some damage to nearby units. If used wisely, grouyps of it can cause a considerable devastation in the enemy´s base. The High Visions has a tracking device which is able to hunt enemy units even when they get out of its range.

April 07, 2003 - 16:48
Cyborgs are the best infantry army ever, but the other types of units are also strong carrying strong weapons and armour, but they are quite expensive. Here are some examples:

    Cyborg Artillery: Cyborg Artillery is one of the super soldiers of Cyborgs. It´s a mobile artillery capable of firing bullets bigger than 100mm which is very effictive against tanks, buildings and concrete. However, it´s inaucurate at moving units and can´t fire at small ranges due to limits in the fire angle.

    Informer: Informer is the great 00 agent in PPM:FD. He is stealth and has a sniper which is extremely efficient at infantry in high range, however, useless against any other kind of unit including other cyborgs. Informer is capable of infiltrating in enemy buildings and getting info from them. Remember that once infiltrated, you can no longer use it. His flaw is to not be able to autofire in the enemies.

    Devastator: The Devastator is really considered a dangerous unit in the battlefield. It uses a weapon similar to Banshee, but it has a very fast reload time giving an effect of a disruptor. So, it fire hordes of green plasma per seconds at a non-stop rithym. It´s very efficient at buildings and stopped vehicles. The weapon doesnt damage multiple units.

    Inferno: Inferno is one of the elite aircrafts from the Cyborgs. It shoots a strong laser at enemies. It´s strong and doesnt need recharges due to solar energy technologies camouflaged in its "body", the Inferno doesnt need to return to the helipad. It´s a fast vehicle and hard to be destroyed, but it's very expensive.