August 09, 2003 - 16:59
Tutorial Name: Adding New Task Forces
Made by: Banshee
Difficulty: Very Easy

Attention: It works also with Red Alert 2, although you will need to edit the file aimd.ini if you have Yuri's Revenge and ai.ini if you only have Red Alert 2.

Extra Info:

This tutorial was originally written for Intel Website (from PPM) and lately written for Entertainment Explosion. Since EE is no longer, it has been posted here in PPM. If you wanna post it somewhere else, feel free to do it as long as you credit me.

     :: Adding New Task Forces ::

Task Forces are the units that AI will recruit to attack the enemy base.

To make new taskforces, you need to open your ai.ini if you don`t have Firestorm or your aifs.ini if you have Firestorm and go to the TaskForce List that is in the beggining of the file and write your new taskforce:


XX is an unused number for the taskforce and NEWFORCE is the internal name of your taskforce.

Then, add the code to the NEWFORCE:

Name=My new task force.

can be anything....YY is the number of units and UNIT is the internal name of the unit that will be produced located in rules.ini/firestrm.ini.

You can add more than one type of unit. In this case, you should add more one line after 0=YY,UNIT that should be 1=ZZ,UNIT2...ZZ will be the number of units and UNIT2 will be the internal name of the unit that AI produce located in rules.ini/firestrm.ini.

Group is the formation used by the task force. I`m not sure if all of them work, but it seems to be imported by Ra1 engine:

-1 = Default - All units assume their default
movement and facing settings
-40094 = According to Deezire, the group attack
together at object posing least threat, but I`ve never tested that...

The final example goes here:


Name=Banshee Rush

Note that taskforces doesn`t work alone. They need to be attached at a Team Type that uses an script type. The team type is called by an AI Trigger Type. Further explanations about it are available in their respective tutorials.

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The TS Only tutorials shows codes that also works in RA2 (in 99% of the cases), but doesnt shows the new options that came with Red Aert 2....