August 28, 2003 - 21:33
Author:  - DeeZeL
Credits: - Tratos for bringing up some ideas
        - Kravvtiz for some editing, bringing up and explaining some stuff.


* What is hardcoding?

Basically its the things that controlling it is out of your hands...hardcoding is the rules set by WW to keep somethings as they are..sometimes for safety issues, sometimes to show us, modders whos the boss Smile.

* Why do I need to know this stuff?

well there are 2 benefits from knowing the hardcoded suff:

a. saves time an energy in your mind Smile.
b. if you even tried to ask about them in the editing community you'll be flamed to death.

* Interesting, so what are the hardcoded stuff, and what will happen if I tried to edit the hardcoded codes?

Many people have tried that, some people succeeded and some didnt..BUT, their methods main idea wasnt EDITING the hardcoded but to TWEAK or EMULATE its presence. For example, Psycho, one of the most talented members in the CnC: RA2/YR editing community, managed to do more superweapons rather than replacing them. He's writing a tutorial about it, and I hope that I can host it.

Moving on, heres a list of hardcoded stuff:

1. Superweapons: basically..superweapons can ONLY be replaced..but as I said before, Psycho managed to emulate new ones..if u tried to add a new action to the superweapon that isnt recognized by the game code..your 'super strike' will recharge as any normal superweaon..but one you clicked the button to deploy it..it will re-charge again as if you already 'deployed' it.

2. Sides: For RA2, theres 9 sides and as for YR theres 10 sides..it is possible to make one of the sides 'feel' like a new side (well not TOTALLY, it will also used the graphics from the original side..as radars anims, buttons..etc.) but its IMPOSSIBLE to add new ones and
I quote from Blade (who is also one of the ELITE of the modding community): "You CANNOT add anymore sides. You could concievably add new countries by hacking the exe and altering the array data that the houses use, but the side stuff (AI mainly such as base planning side as well as different battle labs and such things) cannot be increased beyond 3 feasibly without the source code to the game."...in short, adding a 'new' side to the [Sides] section in the rules.ini will do nothing but to give you the 'Internall error' message.

3. Color Selection Menu: Hardcoded also...you wont manage to change its code doesnt even exist in the rules.ini

4. Adding a new type of missile: if you are planning to add a new missile that will act as the 'V3 Rocket Launcher' or the 'Dreadnought' or the 'Boomer sub' missiles, you can kiss this idea good bye...and if u tried to add one, the rocket will launch until it reached a certain altitude and will do one of the 2 actions: a) will reverse its destinated direction and travel to nowhere. b) will reverse its destination and head straight back to the 'Launching vehicle' lol Very Happy.

5. the [xxxTypes] bug: xxx here stands for both of the word 'Vehicle' or 'Infantry'..its more of a bug than a hardcoded issue as you know the under the [xxxtypes] section theres a list of all the units in the game that looks like this

.....and so on, so lets say your [InfantryTypes] list went that way for example:

....well that HUGE for the game to handle i suppose, nice job you've made about 70 new troopers with the ultimate codes..but what will happen when the game loads??? *beep!* 'Internal error' message...well people solve this by replacing some kind of civilians but you are limited so be carefull Smile.

6. Infanty CANNOT repair vehicles:  well thats true..so don't even think of making them to do so..BUT if you played RA2:DeeZire it exists..well notice that he only 'pops out' of the soviet service depot..surprise! its not an infantry but DeeZire made the mechanic look like an infantry, but it's really an SHP vehicle. (DZ ur the best Very Happy)

7. Number of campaings: well I quote this from Kravvtiz: "in RA2 there are the Allied, Soviet and Tutorial campaign, that's 3, in YR there are the Allied and Soviet campaign, that's 2. Blade supposedly has a way to re-enable the tutorial campiagn, so that you can add a third campaign to YR" meaning that you cant add any extra campaigns..Blade did it but I dont know how.

8. Cursors: another quote from Kravvtiz:"for the cursors, certain frames are hardcoded to each action, unfortunately tote (the action that carryalls use) and heal and maybe others all use the same one frame"....