September 21, 2003 - 05:18
Here's part 2, in game. GLA has got much better with some inovations I've seen. Some showed here, others are surprise Wink.

Note: Click on them to see them in full size.

The selected unit is the boss, Dr. Thrax. The bikes are the new units. Bikes are quite dynamic units. They rarely have problems with terrain, they can get down from certain accidental terrains by jumping* and you can make the soldier leave the bike, but you can undo it. Once it leaves the bike, the bike is gone, but you can use the soldier to get a tech building for you.

* sorry for my lack of vocabulary, but if you see the US campaign screenies and the screenshot below, you will understand it.

Bikes doing stunts. GLA shows that their bikes are expert! Now, seriously, the bikes have access to this alternative way to the american base... unexpected by american soldiers.

That is a GLA base you find in the middle of the way.

USA's new defensive structure. You can put soldiers inside it like a bunker, but it also features a slow, but deadly cannon.

This is where Thrax must arrive to win the mission.

GLA Map 2. These are the new constructions available in your war factory. Also, special abilities like the radar thing from GLA, the satellite revealer from USA and superweapons like the nuke, particle cannon, and scud storm have now icons on the right side like a generals ability even if you have more than one. This really makes things much easier.

GLA has the ability to build fake structures. There you see the fake structures menu and in the right, the icon to alternate to the true structures. Fake structures can explode when you wish or be upgraded to a true structure. On the battlefield, you can recognize your fake structures by the yellow squares Wink.

This is a fake Black Market ready. Do you really think I'm getting cash with that? Of course, the answer is no, but the enemy may think.

Tunnels can become camouflaged now. This can be a great way to call reinforcements, especially if you use General Kassad.

This is the saboteur. It can put enemy buildings offline at the expense of himself.

The orange thing in the right side is the enemy camouflaged tunnel.

A fake building exploding! This is the best I could take from it...

A new view of the city. The only good thing there is the derrick and the pyramid looks cool.

After you take Kassad's first construction center, get those forgotten buildings... cash for free and all upgrades from the black market, including the shoes to make your workers faster.

Formally you can only see the construction center, but Kassad has made everything stealth. The orange and yellow things are stealth... Other than bombs, bikes and even a structure are stealth.

This big tunnel is the consequence of the usage of a special ability from Kassad: Sneak attack. It gives you a tunnel that is automatically built anywhere on the map you want. Likewise, other tunnels, allows 10 units to be in. To use it properly, put your units in the tunnel, place the tunnel where you want and unload everyone as fast as you can.

This is an example of good usage of a sneak attack. After that, I just won the mission Wink.



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