Hello everyone! C&C: Remastered Collection will be released on June 5th and will be almost fully moddable. And we are quite excited about that, especially with the release of the source code of both TiberianDawn.dll and RedAlert.dll.

With that in mind, I've obviously taken the time to compile and analyze part of the code. And considering what I've seen, it was actually very easy to compile a tutorial on how to make a nuke tank without even seeing it in action or being able to play the game at all. Petroglyph has tested it exhaustively (or at least tested it) and they've documented the whole thing so well that we have been able to catch the whole step by step behind it.

So, we produly present our first tutorial:

-> Step by step on how to create Petroglyph's Nuke Tank {TD} **

For those wondering, yea, you will need Visual Studio and some C++ knowledge, but if you get used to it, it won'tb be much different from editing what you saw on INI files, except for few pointers that shows up once in a while.

Happy modding!

Hello everyone! We have recently opened the C&C: Remastered Collection Editing Forums at PPM.

For now, we have a place where you can improve your modding skills and get some help at the Editing Forums.

For those who wanna mess up with the game mechanics and code the DLL files run by the game, we recommend you to pay a visit at the DLL Editing Forum. Be aware that the source code for these DLLs was released recently by EA and we have a quick guide showing how to download it and compile it in a Visual Studio Community (which is free of charge if you are not a business).

If you already have Origin version and you have preloaded your map, you can already share your knowledge on how to map and help troubled users at the Mapping Discussion.

At the Tutorials Uplink you can share (or check) modding, map and coding tutorials.

And finally, the Mods and Maps Archives is where you can post your mods or wait your posted mod on the Steam Workshop to be fetched by our bot in less than 24 hours. You can post your opinions about the mods that get posted by the community. And the best of all, if people share their feedback there, we will be able to filter interesting material using our hashtags and our news system.

So, pay a visit, participate, and let's get a functional modding community. Welcome to Project Perfect Mod and its forums!


C&C: Remastered Collection will be released in June 5th and preloading for the game on both Steam and Origin stores were activated yesterday. While Steam users like me get a bunch of .csd and .csm files on depotcache directory, Origin users were able to access the .meg files that comes with the game and even the map editor, as the user FrostByteGER posted on reddit:

Exploring that same topic, Wilwheatonfan87 has posted the file structure of the game:

It is also worth nothing that the musics from MUSIC.MEG are in wav format, so it should be easy to manipulate and it is in a high quality, as expected.

If you have bought the game in Origin, please, share with us more information about the game, especially anything about this models.meg and all these textures and sfx2d meg files there. We wanna know how the graphics are stored for this game.

Hello everyone! One vision, one purpose! Some of our best agents managed to persuade Electronic Arts to share the source code of the C&C Remastered Collection game rules for Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert 1, which is the DLL files that they've promised to share.

The result has been shared at an ElectronicArts account on GitHub. It looks like you will need a C++ compiler compatible with the one that comes with Visual Studio 2019 (Toolkit 15.0) in order to compile the projects included there, according to the vcproj file there, although Visual Studio 2017 Community seems to be able to compile it without problems. I can't say if the DLL that was compiled with 2017 runs correctly since the game was not released yet.

We will create modding forums for C&C: Remastered Collection here, in PPM, today, so we can properly discuss this code and everything on it. Stay tuned!

For now, what we can say is...

Today we have good news for those who are interested in modding Renegade, Generals, Zero Hour, Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth 1 and 2. The crew over W3D Hub released a new version of their W3D Tools and 3Ds Max 2017 exporter. The version 1.6.0 fixes several bugs from previous versions, becoming a more reliable tool. Here's the changelog:


   Fix crash caused by some objects brought up from Max 8.
   Objects without mesh data (e.g.lights, dummies) no longer crash the exporter when they have "Export Geometry" checked.
   Exporting instanced meshes can now only export one mesh into the .w3d file instead of redundant copies.
       Requires "Export Transform (Bone)" to be checked on all instances!
       Requires "Eliminate duplicate reference meshes" to be checked in the export dialog.
   W3D export properties are now properly propagated between instances of the same mesh
   Fixed bug where cloning multiple nodes using Shift+Drag would jumble W3D export properties.
   Its now possible to edit the MaxScreenSize field via an edit box on the "W3D Tools" rollout.
       New default value is 1.0 for the new scripts 5.0 percent screen size LOD implementation.
   Remove "Student Version" message from max files.
   (The added "Export New AABTree" checkbox in the exporter does nothing as of yet.)

Download it at its own section on W3D Hub Forums.

It is worth mentioning that 3Ds Max 2017 is not free, nor a cheap tool. For those wondering if there is something similar for Blender, there is a W3D Plugin from OpenSage team. Its latest version is 0.4.6 that was updated about 5 weeks ago. Here's their changelog as well:

   apply modifiers to meshes on export
   handle export of 'multi-user' meshes
   default material type is now 'VERTEX_MATERIAL'
   Bugfix: handle free vertices correctly
   Bugfix: handle already applied file extensions by user
   Bugfix: check for referenced armature case insensitive

Head to their GitHub to download the latest version and their source code. And happy modding!

The upcoming Command & Conquer: Remastered Collection will be released for the public on June 5th, however, members of the famous Community Council have been playing and testing it for a long time already. And recently, they have started posting content on the Steam Workshop section for this game, as you can see in the pictures below (if you excuse my Brazilian Steam).

As you can see, most people (Tore, Neogrant, and few others) posted maps, except for CCHyper who posted mods that rename units and change the main menu user interface and pchote (aka Sleipnir) who posted his own DLL file that enables OpenRA/RA2-style wall placement. And honestly, the mods from Hyper and pchote are the ones that interest me the most, because they will be better samples of how to properly customize the game when Steam starts to allow us to download them. At the moment, we can only subscribe to eventually download them when the horde gets access to it.

And keep your heads up for PPM and remember that our tool OS .BIG Editor will allow you to browse and generate the .meg files that you will need to handle to create mods like the ones from CCHyper. We will have more updates for OS .BIG Editor in the next days to make your modding experience more confortable.

Hello everyone! Dawn of the Tiberium Age has received a massive update today with version 1.19. It brings huge gameplay changes including factions being reworked, a myriad of new units, and existing ones being overhauled as well, new assets, multi-player and single player maps, and much more.

The huge list of details is explained at their ModDB profile

Head to their download page to grab the latest version! While it brings  Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert 1 factions likewise the upcoming Remasters, it comes with a different perspective, balance and gameplay experience. Give it a try and enjoy it!

Command & Conquer: Remastered Collection will be released on June 5th, which is in less than two weeks from now, and with the recent announcement modding support (with a GPL TiberianDawn.dll and RedAlert.dll) raising the green light for modders, we need to get our tools ready to rock and roll.  

The Remastered Collection will use the GlyphX engine from Petroglyph Studios, which uses .meg files to store game files, textures, models, and much more. These .meg files suffered few changes since its first presence in a public game (Star Wars: Empire at War). There is a high probability that recent editions of OS .BIG Editor and other .meg editors/browsers are compatible with the upcoming game.

However, they are all win32 files, which restricts RAM usage up to 3gb and, therefore, it also restricts the size of the files that you can generate with into something far lower than 3gb, due to certain resources required to write these files. Some people can generate up to 500mb or 800mb files. I don't know for sure. And the upcoming game will require at least 32 GB of your disc due to the massive amount of videos that it will have. So, for this reason, we need a win64 tool.

The good news is that a 64 bits version of OS .BIG Editor is now available for download. The only problem is that, right now, it is not honoring the term "Open Source". I  will disclose the source code soon, but not in the SVN yet. I still want to convert this program to Lazarus/FreePascal before bringing 64 editions of the program to the SVN, but issues with the Drag and Drop component is preventing me from doing so.

Anyway, we need help to test this program. Hopefully, it should allow us to generate up to 4gb sized meg files or at least each file inside a meg file must not be bigger than 4gb and the header of the meg file must not be bigger than 4gb as well, which limits the amount of files that you can insert into it. I am not completely sure about its limits. So, any sort of testing from those interested to play with it will be welcomed. Provide your feedback in a reply to this topic, in order to allow us to have reliable modding tools. And have fun!